"Stone ever thirsts for blood."
―Legana Breed[src]

Legana Breed was the last member of the L'echae Shayn clan of T'lan Imass. He was a large, bearded man with broad, bony shoulders and long ropes of filthy hair. He wore a polished bone helmet and draped the silver-tipped fur of a bear over his shoulders. Breed carried a heavy four-foot-long grey flint sword.[1]

In Deadhouse Gates Edit

Breed was part of a group of Logros T'lan Imass, led by Hentos Ilm, that pursued The Unbound. During their quest they appeared aboard the Silanda in the Nascent and discovered the dangerous rent between warrens created by an insane mage. As Legana was clanless, Hentos selected him to provide the necessary soul as sacrifice to close the "wound".[2]

Legana gave his flint sword to Stormy just before turning to dust and entering the rent. With the tear sealed the T'lan Imass departed. It was Truth who noticed that the Breed had in fact taken one of the ship's severed Tiste Andii heads with him to the wound, and so likely survived.[3]

In Memories of IceEdit

At the Second Gathering, the Bonecaster Ay Estos explained to Silverfox that some of the Logros had broken from their Vow and committed criminal acts. The other Logros Bonecasters hunted these renegades. This seemed to account for the pursuit undertaken by Legana in Deadhouse Gates.[4]

When Itkovian later acted as Shield Anvil to the T'lan Imass at Coral, he was flooded with the memories of those who stood before him, amongst them someone who remembered Legana Breed. Before the Ritual of Tellann, this T'lan Imass remembered laying their heart at Breed's feet. They also recalled his cleverness, his sharpness of wit, and how he made them laugh.[5]

Notes and referencesEdit

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