This page collects all that is known about the Language of the Jaghut and tries to provide translations and speculation based on the examples of the language given in the books. There might be spoilers in the list below.

  • Verdith'anath - the Jaghut underworld/realm of the death. Predates Hood's warren. Also called 'the bridge of death', but not sure if that's a translation or an alternate name. Note similarity to the name Ganath.
  • Urquall Jaghuthan taezmalas. - said by Feather Witch during a tiles reading. Something to do with the Jaghut being all dead or absent in the Ice Hold. (MT, page 196)
  • Nacht - Jaghut creation / modification of a bhokaral (MT, prologue)
  • Azath edieirmarn: Raest at the Finnest House.[2] (It is unclear if this was a Jaghut phrase, a nearly identical Tiste phrase, or even some other language as it was also used by Korlat).[3]

Notes and referencesEdit

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