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Interpretation of Kuru Qan by Corporal Nobbs

Ceda Kuru Qan was the High Mage of King Ezgara Diskanar of Lether. He was particularly fond of Brys Beddict.

In Midnight TidesEdit

Kuru Qan sent Brys through a portal into Mael's realm where Brys learned the names of many dead gods. As the Edur conquest rolled through Letheras, Kuru Qan appeared to slowly lose his mind, sleeping and eating atop one particular tile in the Eternal Domicile throne room while the Letherii mages fought a losing battle against the Edur.

Ceda Kuru Qan facing Hannan Mosag by Enaglio

'Protecting the Eternal Domicile' Interpretation of the fight between Kuru Qan and Hannan Mosag by Enaglio

As the Edur attacked the Eternal Domicile, it was revealed that Kuru Qan had not been idle during the war nor entirely mad. He first fashioned a trap that imprisoned the Edur's sea demon beneath Settle Lake. He had also painted the tile he obsessed over to reflect the movement of energy in all of the Letherii Holds and was able to draw on an unlimited wellspring of power through it. With such power, he had the potential to destroy every Tiste Edur within Letheras.

Sadly he was killed by the spear of Trull Sengar during the final encounter against Hannan Mosag. He later reappeared as a ghost.

In Reaper's Gale Edit

Ceda Kuru Qan by Shadaan

Kuru Qan by Shadaan

Kuru Qan's spirit was trapped by Samar Dev within her knife. She released him and all the other spirits after Karsa Orlong had disarmed Rhulad Sengar.[1] Together with spirits released elsewhere, they fashioned a portal through which Karsa Orlong went to return the sword to the island it came from.[2] There the sword was destroyed by Withal after Karsa had refused to become the new champion of the Crippled God.[3] Kuru Qan knew he would be sacrificing himself in the process of fashioning the portal.[4]

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