Kurald Galain

Map of Kurald Galain

Dorssan Ryl

'Dorssan Ryl' by Corporal Nobbs

Kurald Galain was the Warren of Darkness[1] and Elder Night.[2] The Elder Warren was referred to by Tattersail as the 'Breath of Chaos'.[3] Said to be the Warren and ancient realm of Mother Dark,[4][5] it was the Warren used by the Tiste Andii such as Anomander Rake[1] and other agents of Darkness and Night such as Draconus.[citation needed] 

Kurald Galain gifted the world with darkness and night.

In Memories of IceEdit

Korlat brought Whiskeyjack through the Warren to quickly travel to Dujek Onearm's command camp. The Bridgeburner described the Warren as lightless, scentless, and still. The ambient temperature was no different than his skin and he felt gritty flagstones under his feet. According to Korlat, even Kurald Galain was not immune to the Crippled God's poisoning of the Warrens as evidenced by a sudden streak of grey that assailed their eyes.[6]

At the Siege of Coral, all the Tiste Andii of Moon's Spawn joined in ritual magic to fully unveil Kurald Galain for the first time since coming to the Malazan world. The act cleansed the Warren of the Crippled God's poison and created a permanent manifestation of the Warren in the city. Now known as Black Coral, the city lay within the Tiste Andii Warren just as much as it did the Malazan world.[7][8]

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Kurald Galain was the primary setting of the Kharkanas Trilogy. Several hundred thousand years before the events of Gardens of the Moon, it was the ancestral land of the Tiste and adjacent to the lands of the Jaghut, Azathanai, Forulkan, Thel Akai, Jheleck, and Dog-Runners.

The Tiste capital was Kharkanas from where Mother Dark ruled. The Tiste nobility largely built their great houses and fortresses along the Dorssan Ryl river which crossed the entire realm from north to south.

Many of the realm's native fauna, including Eckalla, Tereth, and Wrashan, had been hunted to extinction.[9]

Highborn Families - HoldsEdit

The Tiste in Fall of Light

Tiste power structure

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