Kurald Emurlahn was the Elder warren of Shadow and ancient home of the Tiste Edur. The realm had been shattered[1] a long time before the series began; for which, according to Silchas Ruin, Scabandari Bloodeye himself was to blame. The Edur were able to use various fragments of the Warren for their sorcery, however. Known fragments were located in the Cloud Forest, the Nascent, Raraku, Tremorlor, Drift Avalii and several on the Lether continent. Speculated fragments include Mappo's travel sack and the Crippled God's tent.

According to Quick Ben, the true Warren of Shadow had been inaccessible (likely meaning to humans) for millennia until 1154 BS.[2]

Though generally inaccessible to humans, the Elder Warren was said to be riven through with the human warren of shadow, Meanas. It was there that Apsalar freed the two Soletaken mischief makers Telorast and Curdle.

Edgewalker was an ancient inhabitant of the realm who also sought to keep mundane battles from 'bleeding in'.

Shadow was a Warren known for breaking the rules, for slipping its boundaries.[3]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Kyle had a dream in which Liossercal and Anomandaris argued over the fate of a newly born crystal structure they termed a house (possibly an Azath House or house of Shadow). Anomandaris claimed the "house is of Emurlahn and Emurlahn exists as proof of the accord between our Realms. Threaten one and you threaten all."[4]


"In [the Shadow Realm], as you know, things can be in two places at once, or begin in one yet find itself eventually manifesting in another. Shadow wanders, and respects no borders."
"Shadow is something of the rubbish heap of time. Over the ages whatever others want hidden, or buried away, into Shadow it goes."

Notes and referencesEdit

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