Septarch[1] Kulpath led the Pannion Domin in the Siege of Capustan. Caladan Brood described him as the ablest of all the Seer's septarchs. During the siege, he commanded half the total number of the Domin's Beklites, around fifty thousand regular infantry, and a division of Urdomen besides the usual support attachments and auxiliary units.[2]

Kulpath was joined by First Child Anaster with over three hundred thousand of his Tenescowri.[3]

He had previous led the successful siege of Setta.[4]

In Memories of IceEdit

Septarch Kulpath's overwhelming numbers proved telling against the Capustan defenders. After investing the city for nearly a week, he launched attacks from all sides and within two days had taken the city. The Septarch also personally oversaw the ambush that killed Mortal Sword Brukhalian and many of his Grey Swords.[5]

But he was not expecting the sudden appearance of Captain Ganoes Paran and the Bridgeburners as well as seventy thousand White Face Barghast from the north.[6][7] Disorganised in victory, the Pannion forces were soon set to rout out of the city's western and southern gates.[8]

Two leagues west of the city awaited the allied forces of Dujek Onearm and Caladan Brood. The Pannion forces were slaughtered and Kulpath was killed by a well-aimed slingstone from one of Brood's Rhivi skirmishers.[9]

Notes and referencesEdit

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