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Kulp was a cadre mage in the Malazan 7th Army[1]. His warren was Meanas. Kulp was described as squat with a narrow face and white hair. He was sunburned on his first appearance.[2]

In Deadhouse Gates Edit

Kulp was the only remaining cadre mage in the 7th.[2]

Duiker asked Kulp to free a historian named Heboric Light Touch who was a prisoner in the Otataral mines. He later accompanied the Malazan Coastal Guard members Gesler, Stormy and Truth who helped him with his assignment.

He was later brutally killed by Gryllen (a D'ivers) during an unfortunate encounter in the holy desert Raraku. Gryllen, once Felisin, Kulp, Heboric, and Baudin were in a cave, sembled into a horde of rats and ate Kulp alive. Baudin tried to kill him by lighting the ground on fire with a lamp, but he himself burnt alive in the fire. Because of the fire, however, Felisin and Heboric were able to escape.
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Notes and ReferencesEdit

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