Krute of Talient was an agent of the Darujhistan Assassins' Guild.[1] He had a shop on White Gold's Round where he pretended to sell all manner of gems and gold.

The shop had a counter in front and a side door leading inside. Black curtains covered the walls of the front room and it smelled musty with old sweat. A curtain separated it form the back room which was even more stifling. At the back of this second room a secret panel lead to part of Hinter's Tower, a secret of the Assassins' Guild.[2]

Krute was described as having a narrow face, beetle eyes, a pebbled nose and teeth which were blackened stumps. He had weathered hands with tiny grey scars that looked like raven's tracks on mud.[3]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Murillio appeared at Krute's stall giving him secret codes. Krute led him out to the back where Murillio used the secret exit from Krute's stall to meet with Rallick Nom in the grounds of Hinter's tower. Krute told Murillio that the guild was not happy with the way Rallick had been free with their secrets.[4]

In Toll the HoundsEdit

After the disappearance of Rallick Nom and Vorcan Radok, he was among those who formed the "Cult of Rallick Nom".[5]

Notes and referencesEdit