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Biographical information
PseudonymsThe Eel[1]
AppearanceObese, with curly, oily hair
Social information
Kruppe 2

Interpretation of Kruppe by Yapattack

Mule sees mule DA

'Mule sees mule...' by Corporal Nobbs

Kruppe was a regular at the Phoenix Inn in Darujhistan[2]. He was described as a small, round (obese, according to Rallick Nom[3]) man with short, oily, curly hair. He had pencil-thin eyebrows.[4] In Orb Sceptre Throne Kruppe was described as being squat, rotund and so short he could barely see over Baruk's high table and his eyes were depicted as watery, bulging and frog-like, blinking innocently.[5]

Kruppe was known to exhibit mysterious powers, had the ability to read the Deck of Dragons and had a natural gift for prophecy. He refused to ride a horse, preferring his mule. He had an abiding love of pastries.

Kruppe indulged in long, often rambling, monologues where he had a habit of referring to himself in the third person[4]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Kruppe had numerous dreams where he encountered the Elder God K'rul with whom he developed a kind of friendship.[6][7] . This later resulted in the Rhivi child Silverfox being birthed by the Mhybe in one of his dreams.

Kruppe was also "the Eel", a mysterious person with several agents in his employment such as Circle Breaker but this was only known, even suspected, by very few, if any. Kruppe carefully guarded his alter ego, however, eventually some of those close to him guessed the truth. [Murillio]] confronted him with his suspicions but Kruppe played with he man's memory, temporarily wiping out that suspicion.[1][8]

In Memories of IceEdit

Kruppe manipulated his way into accompanying the renegade Onearm's Host and their allies to wage war on the Pannion Domin. Along the way, he encountered Hetan with whom he developed an attraction after numerous romantic encounters.

The romantic encounters with Hetan eventually impregnated her with twins, Stavi and Storii.

In Toll the HoundsEdit

Kruppe and Iskaral Pust participated in a mounted mule charge in a fight against one another. Kruppe inadvertently punched Pust in the nose and the masses of Kruppe, Pust, Mogora (as spiders) and the bhokarala end up in a riving mess upon the floor.

At the close of the book Kruppe danced for K'rul with Fisher Kel Tath as witness. The two elder powers were humbled by Kruppe, with Fisher bowing his head in respect and the Elder God left weeping.

In The Crippled God Edit

Kruppe made a brief appearance as Torrent traveled through a warren with Olar Ethil and Hetan's children. The Awl warrior found Kruppe sitting at his characteristic campsite within his dreams, gorging on sweets and wine. To protect his children, Kruppe gave the Awl a Rhivi bow and arrows, which the warrior ultimately used to slay Olar Ethil.

Significant plot details end here.


"I am named Kruppe, sir. Kruppe the First"
―Kruppe, introducing himself to Anomander Rake at Lady Simtal's fête.[src]
"That small, round man hides obsidian edges beneath his surfeit of flesh. Who would have thought?"
―On Kruppe, from a dream of the Mhybe[src]
"Eggs have been laid and schemes have hatched! One particularly large shell is about to be broken, and will have been broken by the time you arrive, which means it is as good as broken right now so what are you waiting for? In fact, foolish man, you are already too late, or will be, by then, and if not then, then soon, in the imminent sense of the word."
―Kruppe, urging Ganoes Paran to go to Seven Cities[src]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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