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Korlat was a Tiste Andii night-hunter and blood-kin to Serrat.[2] Korlat had violet eyes.[1] She was also a Soletaken and her form was that of a dragon.[3] Korlat sometimes acted as second-in-command to Anomander Rake. Orfantal was her brother.

She had almond shaped eyes, the colour of sun-bleached grass.[4]

In Gardens of the Moon Edit

Korlat by dejan delic

Interpretation of Korlat by dejan-delic

Korlat was one of the assassin-mages sent into Darujhistan to hunt down members of the assassin's guild[5] and also one of the four dragons who accompanied Silanah in her attack on Raest.[6] She called off the hunt for vengeance on Vorcan who, after killing Serrat, had escaped into the newly formed Azath house.[7]

In Memories of Ice Edit

Korlat Andii Soletaken V.2 by Shadaan

Interpretation of Korlat as seen in Memories of Ice by Shadaan

Korlat was a friend of the Mhybe and Silverfox, speaking with them when she first saw Whiskeyjack who she said "cut quite the figure".[8] She was present at the first war council between the Malazans and Caladan Brood's forces, representing the Tiste Andii, where she signalled to Whiskeyjack and later spoke with him regarding Silverfox, saying that she trusted him already.[5] She convinced Brood that Silverfox was worth protecting, with Kallor adamant that she would destroy them all, and was even willing to stand against Rake himself for her when a confrontation occurred.[9]

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Korlat brought Whiskeyjack to an audience with Rake, after which she was again informed she was in charge of the Andii, to protect Silverfox and watch Kallor.[1] Korlat travelled with, and subsequently fell in love with Whiskeyjack. After his death at the hands of Kallor she vowed to hunt him down and kill him.

In Toll the Hounds Edit

Korlat eventually caught up to Kallor, but decided to end her pursuit in order to see to Spinnock Durav, who had fought Kallor all night before falling. She administered a potion to him that she had which had been prepared by Endest Silann and then carried him away.[3]

In Dust of Dreams Edit

In a dream, it was revealed that Sandalath Drukorlat was the mother of Orfantal and so, by extension, Korlat's mother.

In The Crippled God Edit

Korlat Casual Wear

Interpretation of Korlat in casual mode by johntocaelpiano

Korlat arrived at the tail end of the battle at Lightfall. Along with Prazek and Dathenar, she fought the Liosan Soletaken dragons. The battle went badly for them, until Silanah arrived with Nimander and his kin. She slew Kadagar Fant in the end.

Korlat refused to see her mother, saying she had no place in her house. Instead she offered to resurrect the ancient tradition of a Sister of Night standing at the side of the Queen of the Shake. Yan Tovis told her that that was no place for one of the pure blood. Korlat revealed that she was in fact not of pure blood. Yan Tovis then welcomed her into the House of Shake. She and others subsequently referred to Korlat as 'Sister of Cold Nights'.[10]

Arriving after the Battle for the Spire along with her kin, Korlat encountered the remnants of Whiskeyjack's old squad. Fiddler played "My Lover Waits" to summon Whiskeyjack back so Korlat could see him one more time on this side of death.

Notes and referencesEdit

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