Korabas, the Otataral Dragon,[1] was the largest among the Eleint. She was also known as the 'Eye of Abnegation', the storm's centre where the stillness of matter becomes absolute. She was Otataral aspected,[2] and caused all life around her to die instantly. Once freed, the baring of an item made of Otataral would summon her to its location.

The Errant revealed that when K'rul bargained with the Eleint in the creation of the Warrens, one Eleint among the Grand Clan was selected to be the Otataral Dragon as a balance to all the other Eleint. Many had tried to kill her, but all had failed. Even her imprisonment required an elaborate trap that took centuries for Anomander Rake to devise.

In House of ChainsEdit

Pearl and Lostara Yil came across her through a gate from the Imperial Warren, though she was not named. She had been spiked to an enormous wooden X-shaped cross in a pocket Warren. Chains had been wrapped around her neck, holding her head up.[3]

They also found the names of all those who had imprisoned her, inscribed on an elongated pillar in Kurald Thyrllan.[4]

In The Crippled GodEdit

Korabas was freed from her chains through a combined effort by three Elder Gods: the Errant, Sechul Lath, and Kilmandaros. This was done in a gamble that would allow their return to power, though both Sechul Lath and Kilmandaros seemed less interested in that power than the Errant.

Once freed, she fled blindly through the Warrens. During this time, the Eleint managed to break free from their Hold of Starvald Demelain. Realizing the danger posed by Korabas and in a mindless frenzy due to the presence of so many dragons at the same time, they tracked Korabas down and attacked her. Since she was immune to their magic, they had to kill her with tooth and claw. Wishing to continue living, if only to create something instead of destroying it, Korabas fought hard in her one bid for freedom.

The battle was dragged into the mortal realm as Korabas had been summoned by Adjunct Tavore Paran's Otataral sword which she had placed in the Glass Desert. At the same time, the ensuing battle drew so many dragons that T'iam began to manifest, a force capable of destroying the world of mortals. This was prevented by the renewed chaining of Korabas in a barrow beneath the Otataral sword, accomplished by the hands of Heboric Light Touch and the help of the Crippled God.

In Fall of LightEdit

Korabas' full name was Korabas Otar Tantaral.[5]

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