Kenryll'ah Tyrants by Corporal Nobbs (1)

Kenryll'ah Tyrants by Corporal Nobbs

The Kenryll'ah and Kenyll'rah, meaning roughly "to sleep peacefully", were demons who inhabited Aral Gamelon. They had a structured society, their leaders were known as Kenryll'ah tyrants, whereas the subjects were the Kenyll'rah.

They were tall and thin with knife-like talons[1] and extremely boney. They made use of their talons as a primary weapon, but were known to make use of weapons such as a double-bladed axe.[2] They were not mindless beasts, but rather intelligent.

They would feed on their fallen enemies.[1]

Notable Kenryll'ah Edit

In Gardens of the Moon Edit

During the Siege of Pale, a Kenryll'ah demon ripped Nightchill apart and consequently had his head crushed by Bellurdan.[1] Tattersail claimed the demon had been summoned in an act of betrayal by Tayschrenn, but Bellurdan disputed the idea.[3]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

The Aptorian demon Apt attacked Pearl aboard the Ragstopper, but was too late to prevent the Claw from stabbing Kalam Mekhar and tossing him overboard in Malaz Bay. Overwhelmed by Apt, Pearl unleashed a Kenryll'ah demon and fled. In the resulting battle, Apt killed the demon and the ship was destroyed.[4]

In Blood Follows Edit

The necromancer, Bauchelain, summoned a Kenyll'rah demon to capture the sole-taken rat, Whitemane, before it could escape. When the demon tossed the rat into its mouth, Bauchelain made it spit the rat back out.[5]

In Midnight Tides Edit

During the Tiste Edur incursion into Letherii lands, their army summoned Kenyll'rah demons to fight for them. One of these, Lilac, was mortally wounded, but Trull Sengar had it healed by Hanradi Khalag's elder sister and took charge of it.[6] Trull then bound the demon to himself enabling him to allow Lilac to return home.[7]

After speaking with Lilac, Uruth Sengar (along with Trull and Fear Sengar) learned that the Kenyll'rah were waging a war of their own in their realm, against the Korvalahrai and that they were not prevailing. The Tiste Edur therefore planned to forge an alliance with the Kenryll'ah which would help the demons defeat their own invaders in return for supplying the Edur with more demon soldiers.[8]

As part of the alliance, two Kenryll'ah tyrants, brothers, joined the Edur campaign. They saved Fear and Trull Sengar from Serenity, a Forkrul Assail encountered in Brous, a Letherii city - although Rhulad Sengar was temporally slain - and the two Kenryll'ah demons were given leave to hunt down the Forkrul Assail, who had fled.[9]

In Reaper's Gale Edit

The same two Kenryll'ah demon brothers introduced in Midnight Tides encountered two squads of Bonehunter Marines during the Malazan invasion of Lether. The demons were subsequently badly injured (or killed) due to the marines' use of multiple munitions.[10]

Notes and referencesEdit

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