Keneb was a captain in the Orbal garrison on Seven Cities. He was the husband of Selv and the father of Kesen and Vaneb. His sister-in-law was Minala.

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

During the Whirlwind rebellion, Keneb's garrison at Orbal was betrayed by the Whirlwind Legion. A whole company rode out escorting the families of the garrison to safety. They were attacked by an Army of the Apocalypse as it marched south and very few managed to escape. Keneb was grieviously wounded as a result of having being trampled[1] when a bandit dragged him behind his horse. Having escaped that, he was still conscious enough to lay an ambush for the group pursuing them with the help of Minala. During that fight, Keneb and his family received unexpected help from Kalam Mekhar.[2] Kalam and Minala then had help from Apt in taking out the remaining bandits. Apt stayed out of sight of the refugees however.[3]

Kalam asked Keneb if he had ever heard of the word Jhistal. The bandits had claimed all of the Malazan city strongholds had fallen to the rebellion except for Aren, which had a Jhistal inside. Kalam thought it sounded as if the term was the bandits' Shaved Knuckle in the Hole, but Keneb was not familiar with the word.[4]

Kalam escorted the group south towards Aren, eventually completing the trip by traveling through the Imperial Warren.[5] There, Keneb became a officer in the Aren Guard serving under Commander Blistig.[6]

When the Chain of Dogs refugees reached Aren's gates, Keneb was among the Guard sent to bring them inside. He found Imperial Historian Duiker among them and notified him that High Fist Pormqual demanded his presence. Duiker handed him a young child and made him promise to reunite her with her family among the refugees.[7]

Keneb later sought out Duiker to report that the child's family had been found. He came upon the historian just as the High Fist and his army were exiting the city to march against Korbolo Dom. Hearing Duiker call Pormqual's advisor Mallick Rel "Jhistal" took him aback, but it was too late to voice his suspicions. Rel betrayed the High Fist and Pormqual and his army were killed by the Army of the Apocalypse. Blistig saved Keneb and Aren by secretly keeping three hundred of his guard within the city.[8]

In House of Chains Edit

At some point while in Aren, his wife left, presumably taking the children with her and he adopted a young orphan named Grub.

Keneb joined Tavore and her army where he was given the command of the 9th Company. He was with the army all the way to Lether.

During the march to Raraku, he was temporarily promoted to Fist when Fist Gamet was injured. Keneb was the one to convince the Fist to ultimately reclaim his position and responsibilities, and so resumed his duties as Captain.

After the Battle of Raraku, and the death of Gamet, he was officially promoted to Fist.

In The Bonehunters Edit

Grub gave a cryptic clue to Keneb that Malazan survivors of Y'Ghatan were buried beneath the city, but Keneb failed to recognize it.[9]
Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Keneb.

In Dust of Dreams Edit

Due to the failings of Fist Blistig and the Adjunct's continued silence, Keneb ran the army almost by himself on the March to Kolanse, leading to his own exhaustion.

Contrary to the Adjunct's orders, Keneb followed Ruthan Gudd in charging the enemy lines only to be blown apart by the sorcery of the K'Chain Nah'ruk.[10]

Significant plot details end here.

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