Kef Tanar was a strategy board- or table-top game developed and played by the Tiste Andii.

The gameEdit

It used carved wooden figures to represent armies, headed by king figures, who were notable personages among the Tiste. The game took its inspiration from the succession wars among the Tiste peoples. Tiles were used to expand a world that was the battlefield, and knuckles (dice) to determine various randomized events. The tiles represented aspects of Dark, Shadow, and Light, with over fifty tiles comprising Kharkanas, the First City of Dark.[1]

Kef Tanar dated back to at least as far the civil war period of Kharkanas, where it was a commonly played game among Hish Tulla's Houseblades.[2]

Toll the HoundsEdit

The game had become very popular in Black Coral and had even spread as far as Darujhistan. One human who had become a very good player was Seerdomin, Spinnock Durav's favourite opponent.[3]

Notes and referencesEdit

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