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The city of Kartool was located on Kartool Island, off the east coast of Quon Tali. It was known for its impressive population of deadly fist-sized paralt spiders whose webs festooned the city's towers.


Before the founding of the Malazan Empire, Kartool had been a target of the Kingdom of Unta. Unta annexed the Napan Isles to serve as a staging point for an invasion of Kartool.[1]

At a later date, Admiral Nok had sought to challenge Kartool's fleet of three pirate vessels, which had been blessed by priests of D'rek. After a disastrous attempt to restock their water supplies on the Napan Isles, Nok's six ships were forced to return to Nap. Nok returned the following year and crushed Kartool's tiny fleet. Two months later the island was conquered.[2]

A great battle had been fought by the Malazan Emperor Kellanved's T'lan Imass at Kartool. Adjunct Lorn had witnessed clan chieftain Eitholos Ilm standing alongside Bonecaster Olar Ethil during an exchange of sorcery that made the battle between the Empire and Moon's Spawn at the Siege of Pale "look like a child's cantrip".[3]

The timeline for the battle is unclear (see Speculations) however, it is likely meant to have been the Malazan invasion which Hellian remembered. The Emperor's main target on the island had been the cult of D'rek whose priests and priestesses were master sorcerors. They were ruled over by the Demidrek and were the heart of Kartool's power. The night before the great naval battle and the subsequent invasion, under Dancer and Surly's lead, the cult's sorcerors, including the Demidrek, had been thoroughly obliterated.[4]

The incumbent archpriest of the Grand Temple in the years 1164 BS had gained his eminence in an internal coup not so long ago, ousting his rival Tayschrenn who had been the Emperor's new (at the time) High Mage.[5]

The Malazan Empire maintained an Imperial garrison within the city.[6]


Once, only seven religions had been permitted upon Kartool Island. That of D'rek, which was the most influential and six others, subservient to her. Temples to D'rek, Soliel, Poliel, Beru, Burn, Hood and Fener were found in the Septarch District of the city of Kartool, hence the name. Since coming under the control of the Malazan Empire, the situation had changed and a modest Temple of the Queen of Dreams, a much-despised one of Shadow as well as temples to Dessembrae, Togg and Oponn had appeared.[7]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Having been requested by the visiting priest Banaschar, a squad of the Septarch District city guard under Sergeant Hellian broke down the locked doors to the Grand Temple of D'rek and found the remnants of a massacre with all of the temple's residents slaughtered.[8]

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Given that Lorn was about eleven at the time of the Mouse Quarter riots in 1154, which was also the year cited as the last year of Kellanved's reign, for her to have witnessed the battle of Kartool puts it no later than 1154 and, if she saw it as a very young child, no earlier than around 1145.

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