Kaminsod, the Crippled God, Chained One,[2] The Shattered God,[3] Fallen God, or Fallen One,[4] was a majorly disfigured Ascendant who frequently came into conflict with the other gods and goddesses of the world. He could be considered the main antagonist of the Malazan Book of the Fallen.

Kaminsod often appeared as a bent figure wrapped in rags or blankets, inhabiting a dilapidated tent along a sandy beach.[5] He was usually found huddled over a smoking brazier, and spoke in raspy voice intermingled with hacking coughs and laboured breathing. He had long, tangled hair and his hand appeared to have every one of its bones broken.[6]

The symbol of the Fallen God was a broken circle.[7]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Kruppe read an ancient tome in the study of the scholar Mammot that mentioned the Crippled God. The book detailed how the God was called to earth, crippled, and chained. In the process lands were sundered and things were born and released. A list of those gathered at the God's imprisonment included Hood and Dessembrae. The list was so absurdly long Kruppe "half expected to see his grandmother's name among those listed."[8]

In Memories of IceEdit

The Crippled God launched several assaults during this book.

He allied himself with the Pannion Seer to cause as much suffering as possible to the world and all its inhabitants.

Furthermore, he presented a dilemma to Caladan Brood. Since the Crippled God was bound to Burn's flesh, he infected her, poisoning her flesh.[9] Burn had long ago foreseen this attack and entered her sleeping state to focus her power into a hammer which she gave to Brood. Using the hammer to break the chains that bound them would stop the disease, but would unleash the Chained God upon the world. On the other hand, if he was allowed to spread his disease, Burn would die, and all life with her.[10]

The Chained One also sponsored the creation of High House Chains within the pantheon and the Deck of Dragons.[11][12] This altered the Warrens making them poison to those not of the new House.[13] He had been struck down by sorcery and so sought to destroy that weapon of his enemies.[14] He first attempted to secure the services of Quick Ben, but was rebuffed.[9] He then recruited Gethol as the Herald[15] and Kallor as the High King of the new House.[13] The House was eventually approved by the Master of the Deck.

In exchange for accepting the position as High King, the Crippled God created an opportunity for Kallor to slay Silverfox. The attempt was thwarted by Whiskeyjack and Kallor was extracted from the situation into the Crippled God's Warren.[16]

The Pannion Seer was halted by the combined forces of Dujek's Host, the Tiste Andii of Moon's Spawn, Caladan Brood's forces, the Grey Swords, and Gruntle's ragtag army of civilians.

In House of ChainsEdit

The Tiste Edur, indirectly commanded by the Crippled God, attacked Drift Avalii so they might take the Throne of Shadow. Their attacks were held back by a group of stray Malazans (amongst whom was Hawl) as well as Andarist, Cutter, Apsalar and Traveller.[17]

In Midnight TidesEdit

It was revealed that the Crippled God was behind Hannan Mosag's rise to power within the Tiste Edur. Before this was revealed to the Edur, the Crippled God sent Hannan a dream with the location of a powerful sword that he wanted the Edur to possess far off in the ice fields of the Jheck. Hannan sent the four brothers of House Sengar to retrieve the sword from the ice with a warning that none should touch it. When the four reached the sword they were attacked by a large force of Jheck. Rhulad Sengar, the youngest of the four, lost his weapon and so took the sword in order to defend himself. This resulted in his eventual death.

The power of the sword then transported Rhulad's spirit to the island where the Crippled God was chained. There, he met the captive Meckros blacksmith, Withal, who crafted the sword and spoke with the Crippled God himself. The Chained One offered him the ability to be brought back to life through his sword and become Emperor of the Tiste Edur, as long as he agreed to serve him. Rhulad accepted, and his spirit was replaced within his body.

During this time, the Crippled God became concerned for Withal's loneliness. To combat this, he resurrected Sandalath Drukorlat, a Tiste Andii warrior who died when the first Andii came to the world, as a possible mate.

After leading the Edur to conquer the Letherii Empire, the island of the Crippled God was visited by Mael, Elder God of the sea, who rescued Withal and Sandalath and gave the Chained One a beating.

In The BonehuntersEdit

The Crippled God made an attempt to take the First Throne, which would give him command over the T'lan Imass. Since only a mortal might take the Throne, the Tiste Edur were sent to attack together with their Letherii soldiers and the champion Icarium, who had yet to prove himself worthy of their Emperor. Their attacks were stopped by several allies, amongst them Quick Ben, Trull and the Eres'al.

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Kaminsod.

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Adjunct Tavore Paran hinted that she would lead the Bonehunters to the far-off land of Kolanse to free the Crippled God,[18] despite the intentions of the immortal pantheon.

In The Crippled GodEdit

As the Bonehunters made their stand against the northern Assail army on a hill guarded by D'rek, the Great Ravens arrived and sacrificed themselves to manifest the body of the Crippled God. Not long after, the Shi'Gal Assassin of Acyl nest returned his recently freed heart to his body. Though still chained to the world and powerless, Kaminsod seemed to be no longer capricious and vengeful, astounded as he was by the willingness of the mortal soldiers to defy their rulers and gods to protect him. As the Assail legion closed in battle with his defenders, Kaminsod worried that the sacrifice of his defenders would be forgotten by history. If by some happenstance they should protect him long enough, he pledged to write a Book of the Fallen, truthfully recording all of their deeds and his own throughout the long and bloody conflict.

After the battle ended, Kaminsod gave up his chains in order to bind the Otataral Dragon, saving magic and stopping the Eleint from running loose in the Malazan world. He was subsequently stabbed in the back by Cotillion. It is unclear whether this act freed him to return to his own world, or slew him on the spot, but most probably the former as Kaminsod's new body was described as unsuitable for his journey home.

Significant plot details end here.

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

The Crippled God appeared in the dreams of the Crimson Guard deserter Kyle. He offered to save the life of Kyle's companion Traveller in return for Kyle's sword Tcharka, which, unknown to Kyle, contained the spirit of his god, Father Wind. Before Kyle could complete the agreement, a great blast of wind flattened the Crippled God's tent and the Queen of Dreams guided Kyle back to consciousness.[19]

Later, when Traveller faced Kallor at the Dolmens of Tien, the Crippled God rescued his Reaver of High House Chains before Traveller could gain his vengeance for the murder of Ereko.[20]

At a climactic moment of the Battle of the Plains, Kaminsod rescued the sorely wounded Crimson Guard traitor Skinner before Dassem Ultor could finish him. The god informed the now healed Skinner that he had been assisting him from behind the scenes. Skinner then claimed his position as King of High House Chains, offering up the service of his forty Disavowed, to the god's grudging approval.[21]

In StonewielderEdit

The night the Crippled God fell from the sky was experienced by Uli, a fisherman of the Many Isles, near the modern day Lands of Fist. It began with a blue-green smudge lighting up the eastern sky just before dawn which quickly grew as the morning went on. When it filled the sky it split into pieces, causing deafening sound and blinding light. One piece crashed onto the big island in the east while the others fell to the west. The impact of the shards caused an enormous tidal wave which likely killed Uli and everyone in his village.[22]

Three fragments manifested themselves as the goddess that came to be known as the Lady.

See Our Lady the Blessed Saviour

Two of these fragments were ultimately destroyed, but the last was claimed by the Crippled God's servant Skinner.[23]

In Blood and BoneEdit

Spite and a group of Malazan mercenaries retrieved a fragment of the Crippled God from the Dolmens of Tien entrapping Spite in the process.[24] In the hands of the mages Murken Warrow and Sour the fragment took on the persona of a young girl named Celeste.[25]


In 119,739 before Burn's Sleep, the being that came to be known as the Crippled God was lured into the Malazan world by a group of eight rebel mages seeking to oppose High King Kallor, tyrant of Jacuruku.[26] In the process he was torn to pieces while still somehow remaining alive. As he fell from the sky, the pieces scattered over seven continents,[27] shattering the continents of Korel (Korelri) and Jacuruku.[28][29] Many of the torn pieces that fell to the earth birthed the Great Ravens. Other pieces manifested themselves as the deity known as the Lady and the child Celeste. The process left him a twisted being, knowing only suffering and wanting to make everyone else feel the same. To prevent him from achieving his goal, numerous gods, goddesses, and other Ascendants rallied together to chain him, thus forestalling the implementation of his plans. In the process, the Tiste Andii had destroyed his nascent realm[15] and left it "a lifeless fragment of a long-dead warren".[13] Afterwards, the only manifestation of his realm he was capable of achieving was the tent he lived in.[30] These Chainings were repeated at numerous points throughout history by the ever changing pantheon in order to ensure the Crippled God did not escape.

Notes and referencesEdit

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