Jheval accompanied Kiska in her search for Tayschrenn.

He was described as having a long, black moustache and his weapons of choice were two morningstars which he wore on each hip. Jheval describing himself as not so much "good at killing", but rather "good at surviving".

In Stonewielder Edit

Jheval was an agent of the Queen of Dreams, tasked with accompanying Kiska on her search for Tayschrenn, who had disappeared through a Chaos rent during the Battle of the Plains.[1][2] The pair followed the trail into Shadow where they were hunted by Hounds of Shadow before being joined by Warran, a Shadow priest.

Their path took them to the site of a Chaos Whirl, where they discovered a Tiste Liosan encampment and L'oric, an old acquaintance of Jheval's who divulged the latter's true identity to a stunned Kiska and ordered the trio imprisoned.[3]

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