Jhenna [Jhe-ehnna] was a Jaghut and one of the guardians of the Deadhouse in Malaz City. Apart from the tusklike canines thrusting from her wide jaw, Temper thought her features "almost human, simply oversized: a cliff-like brow ridge, broad cheek bones, a wide sloped forehead. Her leonine mane was matted and greasy. Twists of gold thread and lengths of leather tied off a multitude of small braids – rat-tails, soldiers called them". She had long arms.[1] She had golden eyes.[2]

Jhenna spoke perfect Talian.[3]

In Night of KnivesEdit

Jhenna sought to escape from her position as unwilling guardian of the Deadhouse on the night of the Shadow Moon in 1154 BS. As part of her plan, she allied with the Stormriders so they would attack Malaz City.[4]

After defeating Faro Balkat and Trenech, the guardians of the House's gate, in a pitched battle, Jhenna faced Temper in a long drawn out fight.[5] The location of their encounter changed in-between from the Deadhouse to Omtose Phellack where there was a temporary pause when Edgewalker arrived. Jhenna told Temper that she and Edgewalker had been enemies for a long time. She tried to persuade Temper to forgo fighting her and let her face Edgewalker instead.[6] She could not persuade him however and their fight resumed, relocating to the Deadhouse where Jhenna eventually succumbed to exhaustion and was dragged down into the Deadhouse grounds.[7]

Notes and ReferencesEdit


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