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Roughly, the word Jheck meant "standing wolves". They were strange, fur-shrouded killers (also mentioned as night hunters) wielding jagged blades made of black iron. These night hunters took the body parts of their prey as trophies, sometimes leaving limbless, headless torsos in their wake. None had ever been captured and they always took their fallen away from the place of death.

They were found in the ice wastes in the north of the Lether continent and the south of Korel. They once lived on what later became known as Akrynnai lands.

In large numbers they could be led by a War Chief who deferred to a group of Elders in all things but the lay of battle.[1] A council of chiefs known as the "Guth-Ull" were responsible for dispensing justice.[2]

Notable Jheck Edit

In Midnight TidesEdit

A group of Jheck hunted the Sengar brothers during their mission to recover a sword for Hannan Mosag. They managed to separate Trull Sengar from his brothers, harrying him and attacking him while he suffered from severe cold exposure, though they never managed to kill him.

Later, thousands of Jheck joined the Tiste Edur under Rhulad Sengar's leadership in their attack on the Letherii Empire.

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Jheck.

Eventually, Fear Sengar and Trull Sengar realized that the Jheck were Soletaken (wolves).

According to Turidal Brizad, the Jheck were the result of the Shapeshift-ritual attempted under the rule of Dessimbelackis. The threat was driven away by the other colonists, into the ice wastes.

The Jheck had their own agenda in the conquest of Lether and their alliance with the Tiste Edur. In Letheras waited their god, the Pack, whose freedom might lead to an empire of Soletaken.

Significant plot details end here.

In Stonewielder Edit

Blues, Fingers, Lazar and Shell were pursued by The Chase, the premiere Jheck war party, across the crevasses of the Great Northern Agal between Korel and Stratem. The Crimson Guardsmen had unknowingly trespassed on Jheck land and hunted Jheck caribou. An agreement was reached between the Guard and the Jheck but not before a murderous disagreement broke out among the members of the Chase.[3]

In Blood FollowsEdit

A Jheck horde led by their War Chief conquered Stygg in northern Korel in a day. King Seljure of nearby city, Lamentable Moll, dithered weakly about counter-attacking. Moll was likely saved when the horde stupidly burned the Stygg galleys in their harbours and thus were unable to cross the channel to attack.[4]

In Forge of Darkness Edit

The Jaghut historian, Varandas, recorded that the Jheck shared common ancestors with the Jheleck. A long ago civil war resulted in two different peoples and cultures.[5]

Notes and referencesEdit

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