Jemain was a southern Genabackan who was originally part of the crew on the slave galley, the Ardent, captained by Hesalt.

In Return of the Crimson Guard Edit

The Ardent came upon a body-strewn raft floating in the Southern Rust Ocean. Boarding the battered craft, the crew was astonished to discover all eleven passengers (nine men and two women) still lived. Captain Hesalt was pleased that the chance event would prove profitable and ordered the survivors to be chained in the hold. One survivor, Iron Bars, demanded to speak to the captain. Jemain offered them water and explained their predicament to them. Iron Bars thanked him but demanded the captain take them to Stratem. His demands were met by sneers so he murdered the ship's guards and threw the captain overboard, taking over the ship. As a reward for his compassion Jemain was promoted to first mate.[1]

When the ship was later boarded by Seguleh, a shaken Jemain saved the lives of everyone on board by advising them to cast down their weapons. He was astonished when Iron Bars took on the Seguleh spokesman and survived.[2] Before they could reach Stratem however, their vessel was sunk by a Mare ship and they were sold to the Stormguard for service on the Stormwall.[3]

In Stonewielder Edit

Jemain was taken prisoner along with the rest of the Ardent's crew and taken to the Stormwall. Unlike most prisoners, he managed to avoid combat on the wall. Instead he became a trustee and was responsible for dispersing food and medicine to the fighters.[4] He used his position to keep track of the crew and made contact with Shell, one of the Crimson Guard squad who infiltrated the Wall to rescue Iron Bars.

When the Wall began to come down, Jemain found Corlo hopelessly pinned under rubble. He was forced to cut off the mage's leg at the knee to free him. Then he, Corlo, and Bars were transported to safety by Blues via warren.[5] Presumably he traveled to Stratem with the rest of the Guard.

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