Interpretation of Jamber Bole by Demon Llama

Jamber Bole, later known more commonly as "Crump", was a sapper in sergeant Cord's 7th Squad, 9th Company, 8th Legion of the 14th Army.[1] He was described as having absurdly long legs and knobby knees.[2]

Crump was originally a High Marshal in the Mott Irregulars from Mott Wood.[3] By his own admission, he had been arrested and been put in manacles. He got them off with the help of a fish spine and left when no-one was looking.[4]

He was generally considered to be a halfwit, but did possess some skills.

In The BonehuntersEdit

At the start of the battle of Y'Ghatan, Crump had amassed more than his share of wall-breakers and set them off early, causing many soldiers to be caught up in the ensuing massive explosion.[5]

He survived the following battle by escaping through tunneling under the city.[6] In a drug-induced dream during the escape, it was revealed to him by Stump Flit, the Salamander God, that he was being pursued by his brothers (i.e., the Bole brothers) and that his future would take a rather bleak turn if they caught up with him.[7]

In Reaper's Gale Edit

Crump was a member of Sergeant Cord's squad and part of the Malazan detachment stationed at Second Maiden Fort when the Bonehunters invaded the Empire of Lether.[8]

Notes and referencesEdit

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