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Malaz World Map

Malaz World Map by Werthead

The continent of Jacuruku only appeared in flashback in the Malazan Book of the Fallen but was later expanded upon in the Novels of the Malazan Empire. This landmass was described as a 'sister continent' of Korel. It was largely destroyed in a devastating war which took place many tens of thousands of years before the series. It was ruled by the High King, Kallor.

Prior to The Bonehunters, some fans disputed whether Jacuruku still existed or whether the entire continent had been removed from the world during events in the prologue to Memories of Ice. However, The Bonehunters confirmed that Jacuruku still existed when a character reminisced about meeting people from there, and in Reaper's Gale, several characters were reported to have visited it, and in Return of the Crimson Guard, one group of characters landed there for a brief period. Jacuruku was the primary setting for the novel Blood and Bone.

Ereko considered Jacuruku to be his homeland.[1]

The Isle of Jacuruku


Jacuruku was a small island-continent located south-west of Stratem and Korel, south of Quon Tali and Seven Cities and east of Lether. The Sea of Storms was located to the continent's north-east and the White Spires Ocean to the south. Immense ice fields lay to the north and east of the landmass, preventing easy transit between Jacuruku and other continents. The continent was divided in two by the Gangrek Range, with deserts lying to the west and thick jungles to the east.

Locations of noteEdit


Jacuruku by Imperial Cartographer

Notes and referencesEdit

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