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Image of the Week Hall of Fame for 2018
Halls of Fame for 2015, 2016 and 2017

The list of images which have appeared on the Fan art image of the week feature in 2018 in order of appearance:Edit

Sorry - 18th August
Coltaine - 12th August
Kruppe - 4th August
Onos T'oolan - 28th August
Talamandas - 21th August
Apsalar - 14th August
Iskaral and Mogora - 7th August
Beak - 30th July
Sinn - 23th July
Herald of Life - 17th July
Mason of Death - 11th July
Moon's Spawn - 3rd July
Tehol Beddict by Meonika - 26th June
The Rope by MisterAdam - 18th June
Rhulad by Tsabo6 - 11th June
Himatan by Corporal Nobbs - 4th June
Shadowthrone and the hounds by Yuloth - 28th May
Seguleh Second by Mrakobulka - 22th May
Dancer by Spindrift - 14th May
Quick Ben and Kalam by Shadaan - 8th May
Raest by Jozef Boza - 1st May
Mock's Hold by Corporal Nobbs - 23th April
Bridgeburners by genesischant - 16th April
Fiddler by Yapattack - 6th April
Shadowthrone by Corporal Nobbs - 29th March
Morn by Spin-drift - 22th March
Rhulad by Coalhands - 14th March
Quick Ben in Coral by Araiwein - 7th March
Mappo Runt by Tsabo6 - 27th February
T'riss by Coalhands - 16th February
Coltaine by Corporal Nobbs - 9th February
Quick Ben faces Icarium by Slaine69 - 1st February
Jan and Palla by Tida Kietsungden - 25th January 2018