The Ifayle were one of the large nations of the Imass, and later T'lan Imass, the other five being the Bentract, the Kerluhm, the Kron, the Logros, and the Orshayn.

Notable membersEdit

In Memories of IceEdit

On order of Emperor Kellanved, the Logros had sent Olar Ethil in search of these remaining T'lan Imass armies, such as they knew from the First Gathering. She reported at the Second Gathering that she could find no sign of the Ifayle and therefore concluded they no longer existed.[1]

Roughly eight months prior to the Second Gathering of 1164 BS, the Ifayle had joined the Kerluhm and entered into a war against human opposition on the continent of Assail. According to Lanas Tog, as of the Second Gathering twenty-two thousand two hundred of them had perished and there was still a small number of them unable to withdraw from the engagement.[2]

In AssailEdit

It was revealed that at least one Ifayle, Tolb Bell'al, survived.[3]

Notes and referencesEdit

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