Hust Henarald was the head of Hust Hold and a master swordsmith. He had a gaunt, angular face with a hooked nose. Years of exposure to the bitter smoke and acrid steam of his profession had left his throat scarred and his voice rough.[1] It may also have led to the affliction known as "Loss of Iron" which caused him to lose recent memories. He repeatedly talked of becoming a child again, making others think he had descended into madness.[2][3]

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Hust was commissioned by Anomander Rake to produce the sword known alternately as Vengeance or Grief. Unlike other Hust swords, its voice was only to be heard by its owner.[4] Hust forged the sword in a secret place known to few Azathanai that was the site of the first forge and the first fire.[5] Hust delivered the sword to Rake in Kharkanas where Rake planned to have it blessed by Mother Dark. In the process, Hust was exposed to Mother Dark and became a Tiste Andii with ebony skin.[6]


"One day, I will be a child again."
―Hust Henarald[src]

Notes and referencesEdit

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