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The Hounds of Light were creatures of Kurald Thyrllan. Almost as large as a horse, they had coats of white and yellow-streaked hair and finger long teeth.[1][2][3]

The HoundsEdit

  • Cast – almost twice the weight of Lock
  • Gait – lord of the pack, more silver than white with a scarred misshapen muzzle, wearing a thick collar of black leather adorned with opals and pearls
  • Ghennan – lady of the pack, more silver than white with a scarred misshapen muzzle
  • Grasp – one of the three youngest in the pack
  • Hanas – one of the three youngest in the pack
  • Jalan – one of the three youngest in the pack
  • Lock – bone white and enormous
  • Pallid – bone white and enormous
  • Ultama – long-limbed, sleek, broad head and sinewy neck with over-sized upper canines
  • Venesara – female

In Toll the Hounds Edit

The Hounds of Light manifested in Darujhistan during the climax of the book, attempting to seize Dragnipur. They were met with heavy resistance from Karsa Orlong, Cutter, Seguleh Second, Tulas Shorn, Antsy, Barathol Mekhar, and Chaur. Six of the hounds were killed in the massive fight that followed, and the remaining ones were forced to retreat.

In The Crippled God Edit

In the opening scenes, Aparal Forge looked upon "the four surviving Hounds of Light". During the final fight on the First Shore, those remaining hounds were killed by Yedan Derryg, who was wielding a Hust sword.

In StonewielderEdit

Kiska, Jheval, and Warran came upon a Hound as they traveled through Kurald Emurlahn. The red-eyed creature[4] lay unmoving, nearly covered in sand, and exhausted after an apparent encounter with the Chaos Whorl unleashed by Yathengar.[5] Kiska stroked its head and called it a handsome beast. Later when the group was ambushed by an Azalan demon, the Hound which had followed them defended Kiska and killed her attacker.[6] The Hound continued to trail the group and made its presence known once again when they were taken captive by the Tiste Liosan Army of Light.[7]

Notes and referencesEdit

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