Honey Boy was a soldier in the Unta Harbour Guard. Later when he was promoted to sergeant, he changed his name to just "Honey".

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Honey Boy and the Harbour Guard were on the Untan docks when the capital was invaded by the Crimson Guard. He and the others ambushed Black the Elder, dropping the Avowed into the harbour earning his eternal enmity.[1] Beating a hasty retreat from the enraged Guardsman, they partially interrupted Cartharon Crust's theft of Moranth munitions from the Imperial Arsenal.[2]

Following the Guard's withdrawal, Sergeant Tinsmith's squad was inducted into the Malaz 4th Army, which, led by Empress Laseen, followed the Guard by sea to Cawn and then Li Heng. During the passage, Honey Boy was promoted to Sergeant and changed his name to Honey.[3]

The Malazans clashed with the rebellious Talian League at the Battle of the Plains while the Guard remained nearby. By nightfall the League was broken, but Honey did not survive.[4]

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