The Holds were similar to, but precursors of, the Warrens and its Houses.[1]


The First Empire discovered the initial Holds; the Empty Hold was a later manifestation. Although it was once used all over the world, its main usage was later limited to the continent of Lether. The use of the Jaghut warren (a ritual by Gothos) there had sealed the land and prevented the evolution of magic, whereas in other places these Holds would evolve into the more refined magic form of Warrens.

Known HoldsEdit

Divination of the HoldsEdit

To predict the future, an adept could use the Tiles of the Holds.

Magic of the HoldsEdit

Hold magic was unrefined, raw magic unlike that of the Warrens. It had never been said to be used individually; for example, using just the Hold of Ice, etc.

The inhabitants on the continent of Lether only knew of magic through the Holds, compared to the rest of the world who used the Warrens. The lead sorcerer of the Letherii Empire was the Ceda, Kuru Qan, with Ceda being the title equivalent of a High Mage.

In The BonehuntersEdit

Of the Malazans, the only known person that used the Holds was Bottle of the Malazan Fourteenth Army. His grandmother taught him to use the Holds and was the one who urged him to join the Malazan army. When facing the Tiste Edur at sea, he and the Eres'al helped Quick Ben fashion Hold magic to defend against an attack.

In Reaper's GaleEdit

Another magical attack using the Holds on the Malazans was performed on the Letherii continent against the entire 14th Army. The Letherii mages linked together and sent out a wave of Hold magic to destroy the Malazans and Tiste Edur, the Letherii's 'allies', in the valley. They were protected by Beak who used all of the warrens (Candles) to save them, but gave up his life in the process.

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