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Hinter's Tower was an abandoned sorcerer's tower in the Noble district of Darujhistan.[1] Its stone walls were mould-ridden and the arched entrance was missing its door. The cobbled pathway to the door was overgrown and the scraggy scrub oaks on either side had pushed up most of the cobbles. A lower terrace with white stone benches in the wiry yellow grass had once overlooked a garden. Below the terrace sprawled a muddy, algae filled pond and methane mists swirled in the grounds. According to Rallick Nom, on some nights, wraiths could be seen crowding the entrance, trying to get out and the sorcerer was reputedly still inside, his nightmare dreams holding the wraiths.[2]

The tower was located just inside the Third Tier Wall, not far from the Simtal Estate. It was surrounded by White Gold's Round, which had numerous goldsmiths stalls backing up to the tower with narrow isles between the brightly dyed awnings leading to the tower. The many tales of death and madness surrounding Hinter's Tower and its environs kept it empty and, as far as the goldsmiths were concerned, made it an unlikely approach to their precious stores. The merchants had security guards facing out onto the round.[3]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Krute of Talient had a stall on the market where he pretended to sell all manner of gems and gold. At the back was a hidden panel opening to the grounds of Hinter's Tower which were frequented by the Assassins' Guild. Rallick used the place for a meeting with Murillio.[4]

Notes and referencesEdit

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