High House Chains was a "new" House within the Deck of Dragons. Membership and alliance with High House Chains was marked through the inclusion of a massive flaw in the individual, and the celebration of imperfection.[1]

High House Chains Edit


In Memories of IceEdit

The House was formed in 1164 BS when the Crippled God commissioned the itinerant artisan, Munug, to create a new set of cards for the Deck of Dragons.[6] The God then quickly began approaching beings of great power and misery to take on roles within the House. Gethol became his Herald[7] and Kallor became his King.[8] Other positions proved attractive to Poliel, Mistress of Pestilence, and Mowri, Lady of Beggars, Slaves, and Serfs.[9]

Possibly in anticipation of the House's formation, Ganoes Paran was designated the Master of the Deck by the Azath. This gave him the authority to bless or deny the House's official entry into the Deck. Some powers in the Malazan world sought to influence Paran and deny the new House. These included Hood, Trake, and Anomander Rake, among others.[10]

Paran leaned towards approving the new House. His inclination was strengthened when Gruntle, Trake's unconventional new Mortal Sword, pointed out that the new House currently operated as it pleased outside the rules, but a sanctioned House would be bounded to the same rules as everyone else.[11]

Notes and referencesEdit

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