Hentos Ilm was a T'lan Imass Bonecaster[1] of the Logros clan and part of the group in pursuit of The Unbound. She was described as smaller than the others in her group. She wore oily, ragged feathers from colourful birds, and had long silver hair streaked with red. She also wore shell, antler, and bone jewelry and carried no weapons.[2]

Her Soletaken form was a colourful bird.[citation needed]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Hentos Ilm, Legana Breed, and other members of the Logros hunting party appeared upon the deck of the Silanda in the Nascent. They named Kulp a Servant of the The Chained One and demanded he stand aside while they dealt with their kin and the Tiste Edur on board. Informed that no other Imass or living Edur were on board, Hentos then demanded the crew recall the mage who had opened a rent in the warren in the sky above them. When told the mage was mad and unaffiliated with the ship, the Bonecaster selected the clanless Legana Breed to sacrifice his soul to seal the tear. As Legana made preparations, Hentos advised Heboric that he was shorn from his god, "though he continues to make use of you". When the rent was sealed, Hentos and the remaining T'lan Imass departed.[3]

In Memories of IceEdit

At the Second Gathering, the Bonecaster Ay Estos explained to Silverfox that some of the Logros had broken from their Vow and committed criminal acts. The other Logros Bonecasters hunted these renegades. This seemed to account for the pursuit undertaken by Hentos in Deadhouse Gates.[4]

Notes and referencesEdit

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