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Hedge was a sapper and a Bridgeburner. He and Fiddler were notorious for their expertise with Moranth munitions.[1] He was described as having a weathered face the same colour as his leather cap which he used to cover his nearly bald pate.[2] Antsy called him bow-legged.[3]

Hedge had a reputation for adopting strays and other 'needy creatures' and he could get quite stubborn about that tendency.[4]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Hedge was a sapper in the 9th Squad of the Bridgeburners.[5] He was one of the lucky few survivors of the collapse of the sapper tunnels at the Siege of Pale. About a week later, he and his squad mates were assigned a covert mission to Darujhistan.[6] Having been dropped on the northern shore of Lake Azur by Black Moranth Quorl, Fiddler and Hedge took delivery of a consignment of Moranth munitions, delivered by Green Moranth, making them 'two happy sappers' according to Kalam.[7]

Before crossing the Lake via fishing boat also supplied by the Moranth, Whiskeyjack told them that he had changed the official plan as that would get them all killed. He divided the squad into two teams, one to be led by Kalam, the other one by the Sergeant himself. Hedge would be in Whiskeyjack's team. Kalam told Whiskeyjack that he was concerned for Fiddler, Hedge and Trotts, who had all shifted a lot of earth in the tunnels at Pale. Trotts was trying to get the boat into the water and getting no help from the others. Seeing this, Whiskeyjack told him to sit in the boat and ordered the others to push it into the water. He also said that it was the kind of thing he would expect from Fiddler and Hedge.[8]

Hedge and Fiddler posed as road maintenance workers and mined the intersections of the city's streets with munitions. At the proper time the munitions could be fired to bring down buildings and block intersections and sow chaos and confusion amongst the city's defenders.[9]

During Lady Simtal's Gedderone Fête he posed as a hired guard along with the other Bridgeburners. The party was attacked by the Jaghut Tyrant Raest possessing the body of the mage Mammot. When Quick Ben's magic failed to eliminate the Tyrant, Hedge fired a munition from his arbalest, gravely wounding the creature.[10] He and Fiddler then raced away to set off their charges, but were stopped in their tracks by the appearance of the demon Lord of Galayn. The delay saved the city as it gave time for Kalam to stop the plan that would have unknowingly touched off the city's enormous gas reserves.[11][12]

In Memories of IceEdit

After Dujek Onearm's army went renegade, the decimated Bridgeburners were reorganised and Hedge was moved to Antsy's 7th Squad.[13] Cadre mage Spindle led Hedge, Blend, Detoran, Picker, and Trotts into Caladan Brood's command tent to steal Fiddler and Hedge's old card table. Rigged to win card games using the Deck of Dragons, it had been lost as a spoil of war when the Bridgeburner camp in Mott Wood was overrun. Spindle and the squad soon put the table back into action to swindle their fellow soldiers. But the presence of a new and heretofore unknown Master of the Deck card caused the plan to backfire, lightening their own purses.[14]

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Hedge.

Hedge was killed in the city of Coral during the Pannion War. Under attack by a K'Chain Che'Malle he threw a Cusser straight down, killing both of them instantly.[15] He was later interred in Moon's Spawn with the other Bridgeburner casualties from the siege.[16] He later ascended, along with his fellow fallen Bridgeburners due to the Master of the Deck's blessing and the song of a Tanno Spiritwalker.

In House of ChainsEdit

Hedge maintained the ability to communicate with Fiddler, even in death and saved his friend during the battle with Korbolo Dom's Dogslayers in Raraku.

In The BonehuntersEdit

He spent some time wandering as a ghost and helped Ganoes Paran cross a bridge to the underworld with the Trygalle Trade Guild and free the Deragoth.

In Reaper's GaleEdit

He was ultimately resurrected in the Refugium (due to the birth of an Azath House) where he met up with Quick Ben and help him defeat and drive off Menandore, Sheltatha Lore and Sukul Ankhadu.

Significant plot details end here.

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Hedge rejoined the Malazan Army, but his relationship with Fiddler was awkward. As the Bonehunter army marched east, Hedge took in a company of Letherii recruits and christened them Bridgeburners. He also commissioned a Letherii alchemist, Bavedict, to create new munitions to replace the quickly dwindling Moranth munition supply of the army. Bavedict's secret concoctions (referred to as "kittens" to keep the hoard for his Bridgeburners) were markedly different from Moranth munitions in their functions, but no less deadly. During the battle with the Nah'ruk, Hedge's Bridgeburners reduced an entire phalanx of the enemy to a paste using a salvo of acid grenados.

In The Crippled GodEdit

Before the final battle to defend the Crippled God's body, Hedge disobeyed orders and led his Bridgeburners with all their supplies to join with Fiddler's company, where the two resolved their differences. Hedge's munitions and Bridgeburners proved as deadly as ever and were instrumental in winning the battle. He survived the battle and elected to stay behind rather that leave with the Guardians of the Gate, so that he could keep Fiddler company.

Author's commentsEdit

Steven Erikson and Ian C. Esslemont had originally named Hedge 'Prairie Dog' but Erikson changed the name as it was causing problems with publishers. He said that Hedge moved well beyond the original derivation of hedge-hog. See his comments in a Tor Q&A session[17]


"Some people would like to take gold with ’em when they [die]. Me, I’ll take Moranth munitions over gold any day. After all, you don’t know what you’re going to meet on the other side, right? So, it’s always better holding onto the option of blowing things up."
―Hedge, the eternal sapper[src]
Trull Sengar: "Have I offended you, [Hedge]—"
Quick Ben: "Ignore Hedge, at least when he’s talking. Trust me, it was the only way the rest of us in the squad stayed sane. Ignore him… until he reaches into that damned sack of his."
Trull Sengar: "And then?"
Quick Ben: "Then run like Hood himself was on your heels."
―Quick Ben and Trull Sengar[src]

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