Heavies by slaine69

Interpretation of Heavies by slaine69

Heavy infantry referred to heavily armed and armoured ground troops, as opposed to relatively lightly-armoured medium or light infantry. In the Malazan Army, they were referred to as "heavies" and were counted upon to hold the line during battles.

They wore scale armours, chain vambraces, gauntlets, and visored helmets with cheek guards and lobster tails. They were armed with kite shields, weighted long swords, and stabbing spears strapped to their backs. Dirks and pigstickers were sheathed at their belts.[1]

The heavy infantry of Onearm's Host had slightly different equipment load outs as they threw their long-headed, barbed spears at enemies during a charge and used thrusting swords instead, for melee combat.[2]

Selected heavies Edit

Notable heavy infantry unitsEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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