Hawl was Nok's wife, a witch and a leading member of the Talon,[1] and among the first of Kellanved's family.[2] She had been one of the Talon's command members. Under Cotillion's tutelage, they had become very good at hiding, so good in fact, that she had been successful in hiding from Cotillion himself.[1]

In House of Chains Edit

After Kellanved and Dancer went missing, Hawl had disappeared. She later showed up near Drift Avalii on board a fleet of three Malazan war dromons who had a chance encounter with Tiste Edur. Hawl and a handful of others were shipwrecked on the island together with Traveller, who had joined the fleet shortly before. Hawl's entire right side, from head to leg, had been badly burned in the encounter and she was already dying when Crokus Younghand came to seek the help of the Malazans in protecting the Throne of Shadow which was located on the island from a band of Tiste Edur. Although she was already frothing blood at the time and could hardly stand, Hawl was with the Malazans who followed Crokus and who all died at the hand of the Tiste Edur.[3][4]

After her death, her body was taken to the Shadow Realm by Cotillion and Ammanas. The yellow-stained talon which she had worn around her neck was taken by Cotillion and flung at Crokus and Apsalar.[5]

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