Harllo was the biological son of Stonny Menackis. Though named after her deceased friend Harllo she could not bear to care for him because he was the result of a rape at the hands of a Seerdomin during the Siege of Capustan. Rather than abandon him completely, Stonny left him in the care of Bedek and Myrla.

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Harllo (younger).

In Toll the HoundsEdit

Harllo and Dev'ad Anan Tol by PLUGO

Harllo and Dev'ad Anan Tol by PLUGO

While out collecting dung for the hearth, he was attacked and left for dead by his adoptive brother Snell.[1] An elderly poor sheep herder found the boy and brought him back to health with the help of his wife, they subsequently sold him into slave labour to the local mine.[2]

At the mine, he was befriended by Bainisk and together they attempted an escape. This resulted in the mining group's local tough, Venaz, to follow hot on their heels. In the end, only Harllo survived the harrowing journey.

Finally, he was rescued by Bellam Nom and returned to his mother.[3][4]

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