Harlest Eberict was the undead guard of the rooms of Gerun Eberict, his brother, within the latter's estate. Later, it was revealed that he was killed by his brother.

In Midnight TidesEdit

Harlest escaped with Shurq Elalle after she broke into Gerun's estate, having been convinced to help her by her promise to have Selush file his teeth into fangs and his hands into claws.[1] After their theft they fled to a Jaghut tomb beneath a warehouse in the city.[2] None of Harlest's "victims" found his makeover to be scary at all, merely annoying - bar Ublala Pung, who locked him into a sarcophagus.[3]

In Dust of Dreams Edit

Harlest was sent to find Ublala Pung in the Tartheno cemetery of Letheras by a ghost that would not leave him alone. He helped Ublala dig up his dragonbone mace and armour from the grave of an ancient Thelomen and then left.[4]

Notes and referencesEdit

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