Gullstream was a crossbowman and member of the Ehrlitan Guard.[1] He had a high forehead that was alternately described as covered with prominent white blotches[2] or disfigured by a piebald blotch of pink.[3] He had almond-shaped eyes and was dark-skinned. According to Smiles, there was "something about Gullstream that made women take a second and third look". She also suspected that he had Tiste Andii blood.[3]

In House of Chains Edit

Gullstream was present when Karsa Orlong was arrested in Ehrlitan and brought to the imperial prison with his erstwhile slavers Silgar and Damisk. Gullstream and Jibb served as Karsa's guards.[4]

In Reaper's Gale Edit

Sergeant Thom Tissy's 12th Squad of the 8th Legion, 9th Company of the Bonehunters, composed of Gullstream, Corporal Tulip, Ramp, Jibb, Mudslinger, and Bellig Harn, was one of the six squads under the command of Fist Keneb during the Bonehunters' invasion of the Letherii Empire.[5][6]

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