"My path is made clear. Glee. I shall eat humans this night."

Interpretation of Greyfrog by Demon Llama


Interpretation of Greyfrog by Corporal Nobbs

Greyfrog was a demon[1] who was born of Mirepool’s Clutch in the Twentieth Season of Darkness. By his own admission, he had fathered thirty-one clutches of his own.[2]

Greyfrog, dog-sized and reptilian in general appearance, had a broad face and mouth with two slitted nostrils, four arms with clawed apelike hands, and two short legs. His four eyes, with vertical pupils, were arranged in a diamond pattern in his flat, hairless head.[2][3]

He had a voracious appetite and was driven by an endless hunger.[4][3]

In House of ChainsEdit

Greyfrog by Corporal Nobbs

Greyfrog by Corporal Nobbs

L'oric and Osric discovered Greyfrog dying at the collapsing border of the warren that formed Raraku's ancient memory. Osric noted that it was common to find demons stumbling out along the memory's verge, and Greyfrog admitted he had hopped one hop too far.[2] As L'oric had recently lost his demon familiar of many centuries,[5] he offered to save the beast's life in return for its service. Greyfrog was impressed by L'oric's Eleint father, and promised to consider the matter after he was fed.[6]

Ultimately, the demon struck an alliance with mage, serving more as a companion and partner than a familiar.[7] L'oric set the demon to guarding Felisin Younger in Karsa Orlong's grove. Greyfrog took a liking to the girl, claiming it wanted to marry her despite their small chance of producing proper broods together.[8] The demon left the girl's side only to rescue L'oric after Korbolo Dom attempted to murder the mage in his tent.[9]

Eventually L'oric sent Greyfrog off with Heboric and Scillara to take Felisin to safety away from Raraku.[10] They soon found their way to Tesem and the company of Iskaral Pust and Cutter.[11]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Greyfrog accompanied Cutter, Felisin Younger, Scillara, and Heboric on their journey to Otataral Island. He communicated telepathically with his travelling companions with the exception of Scillara. It turned out that the reason was her pregnancy. Once she delivered the baby, he also communicated with her and displayed a certain affection for her.


"The demon’s appetite was voracious, and L'oric admired its single-mindedness, if not its rather untidy approach to eating."
―L'oric's thoughts while Greyfrog ate breakfast[src]

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