The Gold Moranth were a clan of Moranth considered to be the elite infantry amongst their people.[1] They believed that strength resided in the group or unit as opposed to the individual.[2]

Notable Gold Moranth Edit

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

High Fist Dujek Onearm had a difficult time working out an alliance with the Gold Moranth during the Genabackis Campaign. The Moranth considered opposing commander Caladan Brood "too honourable to treat as an enemy."[3]

In Memories of IceEdit

Whiskeyjack recalled how during the Mott Campaign, the Gold Moranth were sent against the Mott Irregulars holding Mott Wood. The Moranth had no better luck than the Bridgeburners in defeating that unconventional foe.[4]

By the time of the Pannion War, a schism had occurred amongst the Moranth, triggered by a succession of Gold defeats. Afterwards, only the Black Moranth remained loyal allies of the Malazan Empire.[1]

In The Bonehunters Edit

When Dujek Onearm and his Fifth Army were sent to disband the remnants of Sha'ik's rebellion, they were joined by a Gold Moranth, a renegade of sorts, according to Hurlochel.[5]

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Since the source of the Plague which had swept Seven Cities was determined to be in the city of G'danisban, Dujek led his elite troops into the city to stage an assault on the temple, however, instead of the High Priestess, they encountered the Goddess Poliel herself. The Gold Moranth never made it out at all and Dujek and most of his officers caught the plague and died afterwards.[6]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Two thousand Gold Moranth led by Commander V'thell joined the Talian League in their rebellion against Malazan Empress Laseen. V'thell told League officer Ullen Khadeve that the League's military character was similar to the Moranth's, and was one reason that made them decide to ally.[7]

At the Battle of the Plains, when the Talian League had been defeated, and the threat of a rampant Ryllandaras loomed large, the Gold Moranth under Urko Crust swore allegiance to Laseen in order to be saved.


It is unclear from the text whether the Gold Moranth entering G'danisban with Dujek in The Bonehunters was a single person or a unit.

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