Glory Goat was one of the two swords given to Silchas Ruin by Brys Beddict. It was found to be in Kuru Qan's possession, who kept it in his private hoard.

Brys considered it to be a perfect weapon, long and narrow of blade, pointed and double-edged with a modest hilt. It was forged in the Blue Style, the very earliest Letherii technique for forging steel. Its name had been etched on the base of the blade in an arcane script.

According to Kuru Qan, the blade's core was of twisted wire with five braids of sixty strands each. Five bars had been fused to that core to produce the breadth and edge. The sword was very flexible, almost unbreakable but if the blade touched any other a strange sound would reverberate from the sword, a cry, that went on, and on. The effect was cumulative, persistent and sounded like a dying goat thus giving the sword its name. The edges of the blade were also self-sharpening and any nicks or notches healed, although some material would always be lost.

The sword was later given to Rud Elalle, when Ruin acquired a Hust sword.

Known WieldersEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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