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Gethol was a Jaghut and the brother of Gothos. He was formerly in service to Hood as the Herald of High House Death. He was a mage, having access to the Jaghut Warren of Omtose Phellack.

Gethol's face was pallid with lined skin stretched over taut bones. His eyes were deeply set within ridged sockets and tusks protruded above his torn lower lip. His hands were withered.[1] He fought with two longswords that shimmered like liquid gold.

Gethol claimed the events leading to his servitude to Hood were worthy of several epic poems, but the Bonecaster, Bek Okhan, claimed the Jaghut had bent his knee to the God of Death to escape the T'lan Imass.[1]

In Memories of IceEdit

As the Pannion Domin hordes descended on Capustan, Hood grew concerned by the Crippled God's machinations. He sent Gethol, as his Herald, to the city to meet with Brukhalian, Mortal Sword of Fener and leader of the Grey Swords. Claiming brotherhood with the waning boar god, Hood offered the mercenaries protecting Capustan free passage by Warren to escape their inevitable doom. Additionally, he offered himself as their new patron. Brukhalian violently rejected the offer, striking Gethol with his sword. Gethol attempted a similar response, but was driven off by the arrival of three T'lan Imass Bonecasters.[1]

Gethol's face was severely disfigured by the attack, and he fell out of favour with Hood. Due to his disfigurement he aligned himself with the Crippled God, becoming the Herald of the High House Chains.[2]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Gethol appeared to a bedridden Tene Baralta, who suspected the Adjunct of having abandoned him to his fate in Y'Ghatan and suspected her of impeding the healing of his horrific wounds. Appealing to their shared deformities and betrayals, Gethol promised healing in return for an unspecific favor when Baralta would appear before Empress Laseen.[3]


"Gethol's Breath"[4]

Notes and referencesEdit

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