Gerun Eberict was a rich Letherii citizen and Finadd in the Palace Guard. He had killed his own brother, Harlest Eberict, and had him changed to an undead form with a curse. Thereafter, he used his brother as a guard at his estate. He had a flat, scarred face with thin eyebrows.

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Gerun Eberict.

Having foiled an assassination attempt on King Ezgara Diskanar, Gerun was granted "the King's Leave." Thereafter, Gerun Eberict was free to break any law and commit any crime he wished, so long as it was not against the royal family. Gerun killed thousands of people for many years and amassed a king's fortune in his own right before he was robbed blind by Shurq Elalle and killed during the Edur sacking of Letheras.

It was later revealed that he had orchestrated the assassination attempt precisely to obtain the privilege of the King's Leave, though his accomplices had fought back at the last moment resulting in his disfigurement. A knife thrust meant to take out one of his eyes was instead driven into his mouth, cutting both lips and winding up lodged between his two front teeth, leaving him with a permanent gap. This new gap caused him to produce a whistling noise when he breathed in or out and became a signature trait of his.

Significant plot details end here.

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