Gall Inshikalan[1] was the warleader of the Khundryl Burned Tears.[2] He was described as a huge man with black tattooed tears down his broad cheeks and the sharp, avid eyes of a hunting bird. Despite being in his sixth decade, he had the physique of a blacksmith. He had a mass of curly black hair which was possibly dyed since he looked to be at least fifty years of age to Gamet. His mustache was large enough for its tips to rest on his chest.[3] His wife was Hanavat.

In House of Chains Edit

Gall and his tribe of the Khundryl Burned Tears, who amounted to some three thousand veterans who had fought for Coltaine, joined Adjunct Tavore Paran's 14th Army, partially as a penance to make up for their perceived abandonment of Coltaine and his 7th Army. They were incorporated into the cavalry arm of the army by the Adjunct, and were accepted by Temul as a part of the Crow Clan.[4]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Gall's relationship with his wife Hanavat had been long suffering, with both of them engaging in infidelity that was not hidden from the other. As the Bolkando Chancellor and Conquestor began to choke the Khundryl supplies through extortion, Gall led the Khundryl on a bloody and succesful campaign all the way to the gates of Bolkando's capital.

After parleying with Queen Abrastal to receive restitution for the offenses of the byzantine court of Bolkando, Gall was able to return to his wife and repair their relationship in the name of his unborn son, despite the fact that Hanavat was unsure the child was his.

Arriving late to the battle between the Bonehunters and the K'Chain Nah'ruk, the Khundryl rode to the former's relief in a mass cavalry charge. Less than a third of the warriors survived the attack, victims of the Nah'Ruk lightning nodes that destroyed the army before it could close with the lizard troops. While Gall lived through the massacre, all of his sons were killed.

In The Crippled GodEdit

Gall fell into a catatonic state after the massacre of the Khundryl, taking solace in the arms of his daughter-in-law, Jastara, the widow of his eldest son. As the remaining Khundryl ostracized them both, Hanavat nonetheless begged for them to understand the devastation Gall had suffered as a warleader and a father. Realizing her people needed a leader, she took command of the Khundryl during their march through the Glass Desert.[5]

Midway through their journey, they encountered the children of the Snake who were adopted by the Khundryl. Sensing something special was about to happen, Rutt and Badalle joined Hanavat and Gall the night their child was born. Gall reconciled with Hanavat again, though he still mourned his dead sons.

As the Bonehunters made their final stand against the northern Forkrul Assail army, the Khundryl Burned Tears, led by Gall, made their own final charge to prevent the Malazans from being encircled. While their attack failed to stop the enemy from flanking them, it nonetheless wounded the Kolansii and bought the time necessary for the arrival of Ganoes Paran and his relieving army. Gall was also cut down in the attack, but mortally wounded the Forkrul Assail Pure commander with his last breath, allowing her to be killed. Before he died he could hear the Malazans in the army chanting "Khundryl" again and again, Gall felt he had redeemed himself as a warrior and then joined his sons in death.


"The past is all patterns, and those patterns remain beneath our feet, even as the stars above reveal their own patterns— for the stars we gaze upon each night are naught but an illusion from the past.Thus, the past lies beneath and above the present..."
―Warleader Gall[src]

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