The First Throne was the source of power of the T'lan Imass. Any mortal who sat upon it gained control of the armies of these undead warriors.


The Throne was created sometime during the Ritual of Tellann, though details are sketchy. It was known that the Logros T'lan Imass were tasked with guarding the throne from being usurped, thus protecting the undead warriors in the continuing quest to eradicate all remaining Jaghut.

Some time later, Logros, who commanded the T'lan Imass, ordered that the First Throne be removed from Seven Cities because he feared that the Nameless Ones would usurp the throne since they were drawing closer to discovering its location. He thought their first order to the Imass, should a priest of the Nameless Ones ascend the throne, would be to voluntarily accept eternal imprisonment. Since Kellanved assumed the First Throne, and later, he had also spent some time in the Azath, it baffled Onrack that he had not exploited the First Throne for his own gains to a fuller extent.[1]

The Logros were unable to prevent Kellanved from discovering and utilizing the Throne for his own purposes, although it was noted by Onrack that the power of the Throne had waned and Kellanved could only command the Logros because of their proximity to the Throne. When Kellanved ascended instead of died, the Throne was not really unoccupied, leading to a stalemate with the T'lan Imass.[2] He then took the Throne once more to wreak revenge on Laseen and commanded the Logros to slaughter the citizens of Aren.[citation needed]

In House of ChainsEdit

An attack from the Tiste Edur on the Throne was anticipated by several factions, who feared that the Crippled God, indirectly commanding the Edur, would take control of the throne by installing his puppet Rhulad on the Throne. Onrack, Trull Sengar, the T'lan Imass Monok Ochem and Ibra Gholan, Apt, and Panek allied themselves to travel to the Throne and protect it.

In The BonehuntersEdit

The defenders were reinforced by Cotillion's forces, among them Minala and the 1,300 crucified children that were saved by Apt and trained in the Shadow Realm. They were attacked by wave after wave of Tiste Edur, appearing through a portal of Chaos made through the Crippled God's power. Of the children's army, only 700 remained of which 300 were dying.

The final attack consisted of an expedition force of Tiste Edur and Letherii, scouting for champions to face Rhulad. To test Icarium's abilities, they attacked the Throne. Icarium became enraged and began advancing on the Throne, but was temporarily held back by Quick Ben, who had suddenly been moved there by Shadowthrone. When all seemed lost, the Eres'al neutralised Icarium and he was taken to Lether.[3]

Notes and referencesEdit

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