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Fener by Grimhilde

Interpretation of Fener by Grimhilde

Fener was the Boar of War. Also known as Tennerock, The Boar of Five Tusks,[1] and the Boar of Summer and the Tusked Sower of War.[2] Each of his five tusks had a name: Hate, Love, Laughter, War, and Tears.[3] Tennes was one of the warrens associated with the boar-god.[4]

The Grey Swords were a mercenary cult sworn to his name.

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

The year ending at the Darujhistan Gedderone Fête of 1163BS was named the Year of the Five Tusks.[5]

In Deadhouse Gates Edit

Fener by dejan delic

Fener by dejan-delic

Heboric, shorn former follower of Fener, escaped from the Skullcup Otataral mine with Felisin Paran and Baudin. Along their journey in the desert, he came into contact with a mysterious giant jade statue. After touching it with the stump of one of his missing hands he experienced a strange fusion of holy and otataral powers. He attempted to commune with his god by ritualistically touching the tainted stump to the sacred mark on his chest. This had the unexpected result of dragging Fener unwillingly into the plane of humanity where he became mortal and vulnerable.[6]

This allowed for Treach/Trake to ascend to the position of God of War.[citation needed]

After Fener was brought to earth, his image disappeared from a First Empire frieze depicting the Hold of the Beast.[7]

In The Crippled God Edit

Fener manifested as a huge boar made of dark clouds during the Battle of the Spire having been called by Gesler and Stormy repeatedly invoking his name. He was killed when Karsa Orlong walked into Fener's temple in Darujhistan and shattered a tusk. Fener's blood rained down upon the battle giving the T'lan Imass under Onos T'oolan and The Fourteen Undead Jaghut their mortality once again.

It was later implied that Fener chose this as we are told that "Even gods tire of war, while mortals do not".


  • Heboric Light Touch was an exiled historian and ex-priest of Fener. His hands had been ritually severed as part of his excommunication. This meant the tattoos he sported as part of his priesthood could no longer be activated to open a Warren. The ritual should have been the expression of purest justice, but in this case, it was not. His hands had been sent to Fener's hooves to await his death and his elevation to a position of Fener's wrath. Because the ritual was flawed, however, his hands were as poison to the god and were sealed until his spirit could come and collect them.
  • Gesler and Stormy were part of the Boar Company of the disbanded First Army and followers of the cult of Fener. They recruited Truth to the cult.[8]

Notes and referencesEdit

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