Karsa & Felisin Younger by Dejan-delic

Karsa and Felisin Younger Interpretation by Dejan Delic

The girl later known as Felisin (also called Felisin Younger) was an orphan of no more than eleven or twelve years of age who lived in Raraku.[1] Because she had had no one to speak for her in her naming rites, she did not have a name.[2]

Felisin rarely spoke, but when she did it was with the words of a poet.[3] She was skilled at braiding flowers.[4]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

The orphan girl was the first person Felisin Paran met upon arriving at the Raraku oasis. Wearing a leather vest stitched with overlapping bronze coins as protection, she acted as a sentry and blocked the road holding her spear. Leoman waved her aside as he informed Felisin of the girl's orphaned status.[5]

Upon adopting her, Sha'ik Reborn gave the girl the name "Felisin".[6][7]

In House of ChainsEdit

Heboric thought of her as Felisin Younger although that was not a name he would mention to the girl.[8] He and Toblakai set themselves up as Felisin Younger's protectors[9] but even so, Felisin was abducted by Bidithal's thugs and ritually abused and circumcised. Despite her ordeal, she sought to hide this from her adoptive mother, who needed the mage's power.[10]

In The BonehuntersEdit

After the rebellion, Felisin Younger fled the Holy Desert with the help of Heboric Ghost Hands and Cutter only to be captured by The Unbound T'lan Imass.[11] She was brought to the ancient city of Hanar Ara where she held court as Sha'ik Reborn.[12]


"...she could only conjure visions [of paradise] that matched what now embraced her, her every want answered without hesitation, without judgement. Perhaps it would be like that – for everyone. But if everyone would know such an existence, then where were the servants?"
―Felisin Younger as Sha'ik Reborn[src]

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