Febryl (whose real name was Iltara) was a High Mage[1] and elder advisor to Sha'ik.[2] Drawing upon the memories of the previous Sha'ik, Sha'ik Reborn called him the most craven and conniving of the three High Mages of the Army of the Whirlwind.[3] He mistakenly thought himself subtle.[4]

Febryl was described as having tiny, black, glittering eyes and gold capped upper canines which were said to hold Emulor.

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

When Felisin Paran journeyed to Raraku's heart to become the Sha'ik Reborn, she was met by her three high mages, Febryl, Bidithal, and L'oric. Felisin saw in Sha'ik's memories that Febryl had tried to poison the Seer three times, but each time the poison had been burned from her veins by Dryjhna's power. But the high mage was useful as a lodestone to draw dissent into the open, and so he was kept alive and unaware that his treachery had been exposed. Like the other high mages, he was forced to kneel before the Sha'ik Reborn.[5]

He journeyed with the army of the Apocalypse to Balahn to visit Korbolo Dom near the site of his victory over the Malaz 7th Army. Like the other high mages he was appalled by the scope of the horror.[6]

In House of ChainsEdit

He plotted with Korbolo Dom, Kamist Reloe, and others to kill Sha'ik Reborn though he planned to betray and kill his co-conspirators as well. He was killed by Karsa Orlong on the eve of the confrontation between Sha'ik Reborn and Adjunct Tavore.[7]


Before the Malazan invasion, Febryl (still known as 'Iltara') had served the Holy Falah'd Enqura, of the city of Ugarat. A week before Dassem Ultor[8] and the Malazan Army arrived, Enqura had commanded Febryl/Iltara, his most trusted subordinate, to destroy all the texts, bound volumes, and ancient relics of the First Empire. Those philosophers, scholars, and academics who did not commit suicide out of grief and despair were crucified.[9]

Outraged by the ghastly act, his parents had disowned him to his face. Febryl lost his mind and killed them, their servants, and their guards. Such was the power of the sorcery that he had unleashed that it had left the once young and tall High Mage (lusted after by both men and women), with the appearance of a wrinkled, withered old man. He then abandoned Enqura, changed his name, and escaped the city.[10]

Notes and referencesEdit

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