Feather Witch, a young, female Letherii, was one of Mayen's handmaids, born into slavery in a Tiste Edur Hiroth village located in the far northwestern section of the continent of Lether. Feather Witch possessed the ability to cast the Tiles, the Letherii analogue to reading the Deck of Dragons. She was loved by Udinaas, a fellow Letherii slave, but she did not reciprocate his feelings. Feather Witch was described as being beautiful with thick, long yellow hair, grey eyes, and a small, child-like body.[1]

In The BonehuntersEdit

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The Bonehunters.
Feather Witch was on a ship which was part of a Tiste Edur fleet sent to Seven Cities by Rhulad Sengar (the Tiste Edur Emperor of the Letherii Empire) with orders that "his soldiers inflict atrocities upon all strangers they encounter".[2] Emperor Rhulad had also ordered that an open invitation be made to any warrior to meet him in personal combat, a challenge which Karsa Orlong accepted without hesitation.[3] Aboard the Tiste Edur ship, which was returning to Letheras (the capital city of the Letherii Empire), Samar Dev (who was accompanying Karsa Orlong) encountered and got to know Feather Witch.[4]

In Reaper's GaleEdit

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Reaper's Gale.
Feather Witch by dejan delic

Interpretation of Feather Witch by Dejan Delic

When the Tiste Edur fleet arrived back in Letheras[5] Feather Witch abandoned Uruth Sengar (to whom she was then enslaved), and went to ground deep in the abandoned crypts of the Old Palace which Feather Witch had supplied with fresh water, food and other necessities in her days in Letheras before the long ocean voyage of the Tiste Edur fleet.[6]

Although Feather Witch was attacked by the elder god, Errant, she managed to gouge out his left eye. Nearly dead, she had swallowed the Errant's eye - which had the effect of binding him and some of his power to her, and of making her his Destriant[7] as well as the High Priestess of the Errant's cult.[8]

During the invasion of Letheras by the Malazan 14th Army (i.e., the Bonehunters), Feather Witch was drowned by the Errant in the rising waters which were flooding her 'temple' sanctuary beneath the city.[9]

In Dust of Dreams Edit

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Dust of Dreams.

Feather Witch's spirit briefly returned under the name Breath. She was part of a group of Letherii exiles who were wandering in the Wastelands of Lether and who stumbled upon Kalse Rooted, a seemingly abandoned K'Chain Che'Malle sky keep/nest. She was accompanied by Taxilian, Sheb, Asane, Last, Nappet and Rautos Hivanar.[10]

Breath was revealed to be Feather Witch, when Taralack Veed (who had been tracking the 'wanderers') explained that they were all part of Icarium.[11]

Feather Witch assisted Icarium in the final battle with the K'Chain Nah'ruk, by giving him the eye of the Errant with which to make a finnest – which constantly repaired Icarium's sky keep during the battle – as an Azath grew from it.[12]

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