Fanderay or Fander, also known as the Wolf-Goddess or She-Wolf of Winter,[1][2] was an ascended beast.[3] Her name in the Barghast tongue was Farand.[4]

Fanderay was the long lost mate of Togg and with him the joint holder of the beast throne. They were said to be the most ancient of the Elder Gods who considered Draconus, Krul, and the Sister of Cold Nights to be young entities by comparison.[5]

The Warren of Chaos was said to have given fire to her spirit.[5]


Fanderay and Togg were separated during the fall of the Crippled God which was caused by rebellious mages seeking to topple the tyrant King Kallor during the time of the First Empire.[5]


In Darujhistan, the death of the Wolf Goddess of Winter was marked each year a week before the Gedderone Fête. One custom, commented on by Murillio was the procession of a brilliantly painted carriage drawn by three white horses in black bridles symbolising the Goddess being carried out. The carriage was accompanied on either side by middle-aged women who were balancing bronze cups on their shaved heads from which steams of scented smoke unfurled.[6]

In Memories of IceEdit

When Togg was awakened within the body of Toc the Younger, it was revealed that Fanderay was secretly inhabiting the body of Baaljagg, and the two were finally reunited.

Notes and referencesEdit

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