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The Falari Isles were an an extensive chain of islands located off the north-eastern coast of Quon Tali, and south of Seven Cities. They were the Empire's first major overseas conquest. The people of the archipelago were distinguished by their red and gold hair.[1]

Positioned halfway between Quon Tali and Seven Cities, the islanders engaged in trade with both continents.[1]

Talian was the unofficial second language of the archipelago.[2]

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According to the legends of the Strike Islanders, the more commonly known red- and gold-haired residents of the Falari Isles were actually invaders from across the eastern ocean. Only the Strike islanders were the original residents of the islands, and their old maps of the island chain did not use the word "Falar".[1]

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An invasion force of Falari soldiers under the command of Urko Crust landed at Cawn to join the Talian League.

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